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Since 1986, Maxwell-Marcus Corporate Recruiters has provided award-winning  retained search,  recruiting, contract staffing and other recruiting services to exceptional companies.

With affiliate offices in over 100 cities, we maintain an impressive following of employers and thousands of job opportunities.

Many industry leaders know that we are the right people to know when they look to build a winning team or successful career.

Email us your current resume and tell us about your career goals and accomplishments.   We can expertly advise you every step of the way. 

We are good people to know throughout your career, your eyes and ears in the job market.

Have you found a great job, but the company does not want to add you to their internal payroll ? Use our Employer of Record™ service. You become our employee, and we invoice the company for your services. You receive a weekly paycheck and benefit options at group rates. We handle taxes, insurance, workers’ compensation, and meet all IRS guidelines.